Two Rivers Tribune Article by Allie Hostler

Cory Mann hangs strips of salmon at his family’s smoke house in Klukwon, Alaska. Mann stars and co-produced a documentary film about smoking salmon that will air on PBS stations around the country throughout the month of November. The film will also be shown at various film festivals in the coming months

A new documentary scheduled to begin airing on PBS stations across the country in November highlights the personal struggles and humor of a Tlingit man as he journeys to his home village of Klukwan, Alaska to smoke salmon.

Klamath-Trinity residents know well that it’s not easy to smoke fish, especially large quantities. Smoking fish means mending or creating gear, catching the fish and preparing it for the smokehouse, smoking then storing. Oh, and don’t forget the work of building and maintaining a smoke house. Families in Klukwan, Alaska could process as much as 7,000 fish each, every year.

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