The smokehouse where Cory Mann smokes salmon in Klukwan Alakska

Film Synopsis

​Cory Mann is a quirky Tlingit businessman hustling to make a dollar in Juneau Alaska. He gets hungry for smoked salmon, nostalgic for his childhood, and decides to spend a summer smoking fish at his family’s traditional fish camp. The unusual story of his life and the untold history of his people interweave with the process of preparing traditional food as he struggles to pay his bills, keep the IRS off his back, and keep his business afloat. By turns tragic, bizarre, or just plain ridiculous, Smokin’ Fish, tells the story of one man’s attempts to navigate the messy zone of collision between the modern world and an ancient culture.



Cory Mann (co-director)

Luke Griswold-Tergis (Director/producer/writer/cinematographer)

Maureen Gosling (editor) 

Jed Riffe (executive Producer)  

Manolo Turri (additional directing/additional editing/additional camera/stunt double)

Holly Grey (additional directing/additional editing/additional camera/art work)  

Ishmael Hope (cultural consultant/Additional interviews with elders) 


Cory Mann (protagonist)

Sally and Valintino Burattin

Jordan Curbow

Helen Abbot Watkins

Jonathan Tapp-Yutta Hun

Allice Tapp

Mike Mann

Rhonda Mann

Walter Sobolof

Luke Griswold-Tergis

Joe Hotch

Diana Alejandra Lopez Ramirez

Marge Jackson

Johnny Marks

Victoria Mann Angelo

Martha Van Heel

Yees Ku Oo danse group.



(Click on the band to see their web page)


Marisa Anderson/The Dolly Ranchers 

The Devil Makes Three

Los Cenzontles

 Strung Over

Yees Ku Oo danse group.

Here is a song list in the order the songs appear in the film.  (Theatrical version, the broadcast version has a few fewer songs.)

Cary me home (The Dolly Ranchers) Marisa Anderson
Man Tapp (the devil makes three) Pete Bernhard
regresa ya  (Los Cenzontles) Eugene Rodriguez
Step Correct (audiopharmicy) Ras K’Dee
Driving (the Dolly Ranchers) Marisa Anderson
Long Boots Jhonson (The Devil Makes Three) Cooper McBean
Eyes of tomorrow (AudioPharmicy) Teao
Sunshine (audiopharmicy Ras K’Dee
Sing My Song (Dolly Ranchers) Marisa Anderson
Meditation IV (Audiopharmicy) Teao
Track 15 [Trango?] (Audiopharmicy) Teao
Meditation IV (audiopharmicy) Teao
Promiss (audiopharmicy) Ras K’Dee
Promiss (audiopharmicy) Ras K’Dee
The path Ras K’Dee
Never follow (audiopharmicy) Ras K’Dee
Rowdy Blues The be good Tanyas
Long Boots Jhonson (The Devil Makes Three) Cooper McBean
Italian music (public domain) ?
Meditation III (audiopharmicy) Ras K’Dee
June apple (strung over)  Trad
Passanger (audiopharmicy) Batch
Gunnana song Yus Ku OO danse group
No sunshine (audiopharmicy) Teao
No sunshine (audiopharmicy) Teao
Timeless (audiopharmicy) Teao
Dog song (be good tanyas)
Timeless (audiopharmicy) Teao
Eyes of tomorrow (AudioPharmicy) Teao
 Arisen (Audiopharmicy) Ras K’Dee
Destination (audioparmicy) Ras K’Dee
River Deep (the Devil Makes Three) Cooper McBean
Bleedin (audopharmicy) Ras K’Dee
Miles (audiopharmicy) Teao
Meditation I (audiopharmicy) Ras K’Dee
Track 15 [Trango?] (Audiopharmicy) Teao
Unkonscience (audiopharmicy) Teao



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